My Drunk Nieces

New and very hot lolicon 3D comix. The story is about uncle Jeff and her two cute little nieces. Firstly uncle Jeff drugged them with alcohol and viagra then started to fuck the older niece in front of the little one. The little niece started feeling “funny” in her little pussy. Then the older niece explained the little what is sex about and uncle Jeff fucked her little ass up and a great orgy at the end. Enjoy!

Type: lolicon 3D comix | Author: Simple Rule | 100 pics



  1. Awesome cum-splattered 1st pic but Love, Love, LOVE! how the outline of his cock can been seen buried deep in the worthless little toddler-whore’s guts in the last one!!! Love the tears that show she’s been crying too, but she must’ve just had that cock slammed right up through her cervix ‘cos it looks like she’s about to scream the fucking house down; lmao at you BITCH!!!

    1. I just jizzed a bucket load ready that. You are so twisted and sick and perverse and I love it you are awesome. You give some of the best comments on this awesome site bud. Love to chat dirty sometime. Can just imagine all the juicy stuff that will spill out of her whore guys after he pulls out

  2. To get a bulge even close to looking like that , your cock has to be in her ass hole.

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