No Nanka Sedai – Loli x Shota Generation



Shota-loli pack for any by famous author.

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Roadkill pack

1 (1)

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3D straight shota compilation, for any taste.

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Lolicon Special 2 (Full English version)


005 008 018

Beautiful, HOT and full color lolicon manga. Cute loli girl got fucked by her friends. Enjoy!

Type: lolicon manga | Author: Rustle Mieow | 26 pages

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Artworks by TastyKD


182735 184160 201898

Absolutely new shota artworks by very talented author.

Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: TastyKD | 12 pics

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Bathing Girls


sb01_00n sb01_03n sb01_10n

Beautiful soft lolicon set. Cute loli girls paying and having fun.

Type: lolicon images | 66 pics

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Sexual Education in 2053


1_07 2_17 5_11

Welcome to 2053! Here, in a special school students learn sex lesson practically… The hottest sequel of the most beautiful school-theme lolicon pack. Enjoy!

Type: shotacon-lolicon images | 116 pics

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Magic Moment (2012 Remake)


28 10 7

New, full color and very hot yaoi shota manga by famous Mitsui Jun! The story is about little shota boy angels and their sexual adventures.

Type: yaoi shotacon manga | Author: Mitsui Jun | 29 pages

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Shota-Loli collection 1

Shota-loli-pekachan (17)

Shota-loli-pekachan (1) Shota-loli-pekachan (10) Shota-loli-pekachan (16)

This mega collection includes various images of shotacon-lolicon theme. Cute shota boys fuck loli girls, enjoy;)

Type: shotacon-lolicon images | Author: various | 109 pics

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Honda Suruga ROM 1-2

shotacon yaoi download suruga

goro3 g_rom2_2 g_rom2_5

Hot CG set by famous shota artist Honda Suruga. School boy and his older friend.

Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Honda Suruga | 31 pics

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Sexual Education In 2051


048 056 062

Welcome to 2051! Here, in a special school students learn sex lesson practically…

Type: shotacon-lolicon images | 119 pics

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