Ancient Love – Roman Bath 2

The first chapter is here. Lucius’s father didn’t have much patience with the young boy. He wanted his son to be a great general like him. So every time they practice he pushed his son to the limit. But Lucius wasn’t meant to be a warrior. His mother Marcella knew that. So when she found her young son at the atrium, sad about disappointing his father yet again. She, like any other mother, would do anything to make her sweet boy smile once more.
“To become a man there is more than just war and combat. Do not be sad my dear son. Come with me… We will take a nice bath together so you can relax and stop thinking about all that fighting” Marcella said to her son, she knew what she needed to do to make her son feel like a man.
She pray to the gods that the boy was ready for it.

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