Idreamofloli’s Shotacon 3D Pack Vol. 66


¨The Gamma Affair¨. Think you know your heroes? Think again. After all, they are only human. And after fighting all the bad guys, what´s the reward? When you are only feared and hated and called a monster for being who you are, then what is there to lose? So… some fun it is!  More from this author here! Enjoy!

Type: Shotacon 3D images | Author: Idreamofloli71 | 32  pics.



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  1. If you follow my work, you know by now that I suck at getting this part right.
    So here ya go!

    The Mods will come after to clean up my mess…
    Sorry, guys,

    1. I’m sure we’re all happy about you now putting the link in a comment, so we don’t have to wait for the mods 🙂

      Thanks for that.

      1. Cool, brother!

    2. Fixed!

      • Sean on June 7, 2021 at 1:17 am
      • Reply

      hehe i bet that is not all you suck! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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