Little Naked People 4 + C.U.B.S. 15

“Little Naked People” is a new 3D serie by Insomniac about life of prostitute boys and their orgies with clients. CUBS is a new and sextremely hot yaoi shota 3D image serie. This pack contains updates from 1 to 9 CUBS issues. From light softcore images with naked innocent boys to hardcore BDSM with spanking, bondage and BDSM, all for your enjoyment! Don’t miss the other volumes!

Type: yaoi shotacon 3D images | Author: Insomniac | 32 pics



    • Paul on June 23, 2019 at 8:57 am
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    I like the set of cock and balls on the Asian boy and the boy kneeling in front of the man.
    On either of those I would like to plant slow Tender Kisses all around the head and up and down the shaft and on their balls. I would alternate that with licking up and down their shaft and there ball sack and swirling my tongue around the head of their aroused boyhood.
    Then I would slowly masturbate their cock while sucking on their balls for a minute or two. Then trade position to where I was fondling their balls while engulfing their harf boyness in my mouth.
    Hopefully one of them would be able to reward me by shooting is warm boy juice down my throat.

    I also like the main picture. Because of the hair those two boys look like they are working on a MAN’s cock. Which is the whole point of the fantasy man boy lover or man girl lover images

      • Smurf on May 19, 2020 at 3:05 pm
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      I agree 100% Paul. Age appropriate in all aspects, age and size, with pubes or not etc.

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