The Magic Carpet Vol. 12

New and very hot yaoi shotacon 3D image set. Cute little horny model boys love to getting naked and showing their perfect young bodies and love to be hard fucked by their older friends, enjoy! Also, don’t miss the others volumes!

Type: yaoi shotacon 3D images | Author: TitiBL | 67 pics



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  1. Yummy young boys!

    • DWM826 on June 18, 2020 at 8:19 pm
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    This series has been around for a long time, and is nicely done. However, apparently no one can ever cum, which is a disappointment.

    • Max on July 3, 2020 at 9:29 am
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    Back then, when I was a boy, I often lay in front of our neighbor or grandpa. Also on the back and then waited until something was slowly pushed in.

    (maxviph287 proton, who like to chat)

    • PaulLikesEmYoung on September 28, 2020 at 4:58 am
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    I like this series because they include some pubescent boys.
    With pubescent boys you’re pretty much guaranteed that they are able to cum so you can taste their fresh boy-milk in your mouth or feel it warming your ass.

      • PaulLikesEmYoung on December 16, 2021 at 5:23 pm
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      I love that stage of development where they have a little bit of hair above their cocks, such as the image of the brunette boy sitting there with his legs spread.
      But any other MANly features than that and I’m out. LOL

    • Sean on November 19, 2020 at 8:43 pm
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    love the penis cuddling in the 6th pic!!! yummmm!

    • Chris Brink on January 31, 2022 at 10:26 pm
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    Man, that forth image! I’m jealous of the boy!

    WCKR: brink69

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