Theodore’s Discovery 1,5


Long-awaited continuarion of this extremely hot and very detailed yaoi shotacon furry video! Cute and horny furry boys from popular cartoon “Alvin and Chipmunks” suck each other’s hard dicks in their room! And this is a very good and quality FullHD video (1080p) with great sound! Enjoy! 🙂 And you can download this video from the link below or watch via integrated player! (Both are very quality)! Enjoy!

Type: yaoi furry shotacon video | Author: OddtheKodKod | Duration: ~2,5 minutes (2:37) | Quality: High | Format: MP4



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  1. You need to part 3 theodore’s discovery1.5. Thank you

  2. When are you going to put part 3 on. Put 11/22/21 thank you

    • James on November 24, 2021 at 2:11 pm
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    We can’t stop dude. Its was sooo popular. Keep continue dude.

    1. Hi! The official response from the artist:

      Sorry guys, but this is it. For now and probably forever. The truth is I haven’t worked on this animation for a couple of months now. I’ve had physical and mental health problems that have kept me from being productive and the sheer scope and difficulty of this project is just too much for me. I know I was being overly ambitious calling this thing “Chapter 1”, but I tend to go all in on stuff like this. Big ideas excite me, but in this case I just can’t sustain the excitement enough to finish it. To bring some closure to the project, here’s the full version of everything I did finish.

      I’ve hesitated taking this last step because I don’t like disappointing you guys, but it had to be done so I don’t inadvertently string you along any further. In the end I’m happy that I made something unique that people enjoy, but taking care of my own well-being needs to take priority. I’ll be leaving this account inactive for now. Thank you for all the love over the last couple of years, and sorry that I couldn’t live up to your expectations. Farewell. ❤️

    • Jedi9x9 on December 29, 2021 at 10:08 pm
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    Hey I know you said you were done with this, but you need at least one more part to include the other chipmunk. I would really love to see a lot more of the chipmunks, you gave Alvin a really cute butt and dick
    Come on you can do it, I believe I’m not the only one that’s become a fan of what you have created. Maybe let someone else collaborate on it with you.

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